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Tim Dorsey Returns

We’re thrilled to bring back one of our all-time favorite novelists, Tim Dorsey, Sunday at 2 p.m. as part of his 2016 National Coconut Cowboy Book Tour..

Coconut Cowboy


Tim is the most recent recipient of the John D. MacDonald Award for Excellence in Florida Fiction, an honor first awarded to the late Elmore Leonard in 1992. Tim is just the seventh honoree.

New Albany has been honored with a visit by Tim Dorsey twice before, including the day our mayor declared “Tim Dorsey Day” back in 2006. Tim has dozens of local fans and his tours draw visitors from hundreds of miles around.


This trip will be his first Sunday afternoon visit and we’ll be open at noon (Feb. 28) with special food and drink offerings from Taco Steve and Destinations Booksellers. Tim’s presentation begins at 2 p.m. and will be followed by a book-signing. The event will conclude at 4 p.m.

Subject to the time available, Tim will sign (and personalize) books purchased prior to the event, but those purchasing books that day in the store will be at the head of the line. Dorsey will also have for sale items from his much-sought-after collection of Florida memorabilia and “Serge and Coleman” ephemera – that is, caps, t-shirts, hip flasks, rare books, and more.


Tim Dorsey was born in Indiana, moved to Florida at the age of 1, and grew up in a small town about an hour north of Miami called Riviera Beach. He graduated from Auburn University in 1983. While at Auburn, he was editor of the student newspaper, The Plainsman.

From 1983 to 1987, he was a police and courts reporter for The Alabama Journal, the now-defunct evening newspaper in Montgomery. He joined The Tampa Tribune in 1987 as a general assignment reporter. He also worked as a political reporter in the Tribune’s Tallahassee bureau and a copy desk editor. From 1994 to 1999, he was the Tribune’s night metro editor. He left the paper in August 1999 to write full time.

Tim has since published nineteen novels in several languages: Florida Roadkill, Hammerhead Ranch Motel, Orange Crush, Triggerfish Twist, The Stingray Shuffle, Cadillac Beach, Torpedo Juice, The Big Bamboo, Hurricane Punch, Atomic Lobster, Nuclear Jellyfish, Gator A-Go-Go, Electric Barracuda, When Elves Attack, Pineapple Grenade, The Riptide Ultra-Glide, Tiger Shrimp Tango, Shark Skin Suite, and now, Coconut Cowboy.

He lives in Tampa with his family.

If you haven’t read any of Tim’s Serge Storms novels, you are in for a treat. They are guaranteed to be among the funniest books you’ll ever read and the character Serge and all of his friends are the reason.

Here is, in my opinion, the best description of Serge, Tim’s main character in all of his Florida-set novels, and even this does not do him justice:

By now [about age 13], Serge’s behavior had its own signature. Everything with him was an on-off switch; there was no volume control. Half his grades were A’s, the other half F’s. He began to hang at the Palm Beach Mall. As people walked out of a bookstore, he’d punch them in the stomach and step back in detachment to study the effect.

This last quirk resulted in Serge being classifies as criminally insane by the Palm Beach County Health Department. Serge’s attention-deficit disorder was the first of many hyphens. Obsessive-compulsive, manic-depressive, anal-retentive, paranoid-schizophrenic. He was believed to have been the only self-inflicted case of shaken-baby syndrome.

Some of the same dysfunctions also made Serge animated, charming, entertaining, and sporadically brilliant. Serge was the star of his high school drama club, playing Death in a Woody Allen production. He decided to master the free throw through Zen and five hundred practice shots a day. He set a conference record for consecutive shots, lost interest and quit the basketball team midseason. He was a voracious reader and technologically inclined, with a gadget fetish. He became expert in varied subjects by stalking librarians, teachers, toll-free operators and any other source with an unending line of questions. Until he obsessed on another subject.

He became fascinated with the space program, the minting of U.S. coins, submarine warfare, Chines table-tennis technique, masonry, cryptography, literature of the counterculture. And Florida. The full range of native interests, flora and fauna, art, history, culture, anything.

From FLORIDA ROADKILL, copyright 1999, used with permission.

Join us Sunday to welcome the beloved Tim Dorsey.



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